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Michelle Maestas Simonsen, Executive Creative Director

Nicole Allen, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

We are proud to have collaborated and partnered with the following nonprofits and businesses: The Monogrammed Home, Stone Brewing, Langham Huntington Hotel, Athleta Pasadena, Bicicleta, Five Acres, Arroyo Secco Festival, Visit Pasadena, Pasadena Playhouse, Crossroads Restaurant, Junior League of Pasadena, Rosebud Coffee, Banter and Bliss Candles, We Olive Pasadena, Masters of Taste, Lawrence Moore and Associates, and more.  We have so many exciting events, promotions, and giveaways planned, if you’re interested in connecting with our audience please reach out!

Our Tag line: Pasadena (and the surrounding communities) are more than just a Pretty Place!

Our Vision: Community building through authentic connection and support.

Mission:  Pretty in Pasadena aims to support all things local by being the premier community builders of our local area.  We strive to grow authentic relationships by connecting with and supporting local businesses, organizations, nonprofits, influencers and personalities. We encourage collaboration and support between all of our connections.  

What We Believe:

  • We believe we can all grow beautifully together.
  • We believe collaboration over competition creates the type of community we want to endorse.
  • We believe that we can help our community by being genuine and authentic.
  • We believe that we can foster friendships and a community that encourages the support of all things local!  


Who are we?

We are social community builders who are available for local collaborations and events. We are best friends, neighbors, living locally and celebrating our community.

Where is our presence online?

  • Podcast
  • Blog
  • Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

What do we do?

We celebrate our local community!  We do this by attending events and openings, visiting historical places, participating in experiences, etc. and sharing them with our audience.

Pretty in Pasadena regularly collaborates with community partners to deliver content to our audience, and potential partners include businesses, organizations or individuals.

We have different levels of collaboration, but each interaction and connection is customized to the experience and for our agreements.  In order to be a collaborator or partner each entity we work with must meet certain requirements and fit within our Pretty in Pasadena brand.  For application please email

Collaboration Examples:

  1. Giveaway to our followers/audience
  2. Experience-Driven Feature (product, service, place or event) where we attend, experience and participate.

Partnership Examples:

  1. Limited partnership: Typically an experience, or an event giveaway that spans several weeks, and also includes our participation.
  2. Annual partnership: (nonprofit organizations examples): Five Acres (2018 partner) and Junior League of Pasadena (2018 Simply Speaking Gala partner)

Michelle (the brand) are for hire. (guest writers, on camera, and on air personalities)

Current Audience:

Our audience is the following: 80/20 women/men

Our code of ethics for advertisements with Pretty in Pasadena branded media: We only do ads on our podcast, blog and newsletter.  Event promotion and specials are coming soon for social media! Sponsorships for the podcast will be available soon!   All applicable ads must meet certain requirements and guidelines that fall in line within the Pretty in Pasadena Brand.

Advertising policy for Pretty in Pasadena branded media:

  1. Advertising is currently available on our podcast, blog and newsletter.
  2. All potential ads will be subject to our code of ethics which includes requirements and guidelines consistent with the Pretty in Pasadena brand.

Sponsorships for the podcast will be available soon.  If you are interested in advertising with or sponsoring Pretty in Pasadena, please contact

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