Holiday Season Shopping! Some of my favorite [local] things.

None of these are sponsored recommendations.  I just want to share some of the places I love to locally shop in our area during the year and throughout the holidays for my friends and family.  This list includes some places adjacent and outside of Pasadena, but all are in East Side of LA.

So, here you go, my here’s my list of some of my favorite places to shop. [Please email me if there’s any place I’ve just got to check out: hello@prettyinpasadena.]

Some places I like to shop locally:

Lather (skincare, soap, stocking stuffers, and my husband swears the greatest shaving cream on the planet is made here)

The Soap Kitchen (They have so much yummy soap here, especially love some of the rose scented items, also the packaging is darling and this can be an easy hostess gift or new tradition gift.)

Hömage(I just love this place, they now are on the corner where Lula Mae used to me and they have clever cards, unique items, jewelry and so many awesome things.  My brother and I always buy things here each holiday season.)

Maude Woods (All things stylish and home live in this store, also, it’s typically impressively styled. I get great ideas here to decorate, gift, and entertain.)

Lincoln Nursery (All I have to say is house plants and so much more.)

Handle and Gift(This is a charming gift store in South Pas, and I love it. Go visit it!)

Folia Collective (In its home base over at Eagle Rock this is a nice plant place with good pricing and styled in a way that you want to purchase everything. I’m not joking– I walked out of there with a Monstera last time.

The Monogrammed Home (This shop is charming, cute, and has something for literally everyone, especially the difficult to buy for. You can customize so many items, so it’s worth a drop-in.

Book Alley (Used books and prints and records – I recently discovered this local gem, while waiting for some printing to get done down the street.  This place is charming and books stacked everywhere.  If Pasadena had a mini-Powell’s this is it.

Vroman’s (There are so many good things here. I definitely buy a puzzle here every year for my mother in law.)

-Holiday Markets: Okay, this goes without saying, but there are so many incredible artisan markets these days. Support local artisans and get out there and see what they have.  You’ll probably be surprised at how much joy it brings to you and to the maker when you purchase from them!

Sidecca: If you love dapper day, or unique print dresses, high waisted and pin-up styles this a great find. Plus they have funny socks, and fun accessories. I buy my friends funny socks from this spot all the time.

Shorthand: Everything charming and stationary related resides in this store. Pens, pads, cards, notebooks, pencils, erasers, etc. You’ll love it. I promise. It’s a short distance a way in Highland Park. I regularly like to surprise friends and colleagues with cute pens or notes on their paper.

Acorn: One part boutique plant shop, one part unique gift shop this little spot in Eagle Rock got me started on my love for all things indoor plants.

Julienne:  This is my family’s go-to breakfast spot for your birthday. We can’t get enough of it. But, there is also a really great shop and take-away bar that I often swing into if I need something last minute, or I just need (and I mean need) some of their incredible Chicken Salad.

Hotbox Vintage: Cute, boutique and South Pas, I’ve been more than a few times, and I feel like a prize winner when I find just the right thing in this little vintage jewel box.

The Cub House: My go-to bike repair shop (p.s. they also have plants). You’ve seen my cute pink bike, Rosé, this is where that bike gets a little tune up, or maybe a rack, or maybe an accessory or a sticker or two.

This is my super love list of places I like to drop in at to shop during the holidays and during the year. Again if there is any place, I should definitely visit this holiday season, let me know!

Best wishes to you on all your holiday shopping!

XO, Michelle

P.S.  I’ll also be having my best of lists coming out though out the holiday season.

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