News from Pretty in Pasadena: Change of Leadership

Hello Everyone!
Big News… following Easter, this week, Pretty in Pasadena will take executive creative direction from me. I plan on continuing the supportive, fun, positive vibes that we’ve always had, but I’d like to include more friendly faces in the mix as well. The podcast will be reignited and we have some publishing in the works! There’s certainly a lot of fun including promotions and giveaways coming up. I’ll certainly miss hanging with Mackenzie on a regular basis, but I know her new projects will be keeping her very busy!
If you know of any local businesses or nonprofits that would love to work with the Pretty in Pasadena brand, please email me at  If you’re wondering which cities Pretty in Pasadena works in check out the list here.

I’ll have a series of announcements coming up soon, but I cannot wait to say hello to you all in the coming weeks and months as I move forward with Pretty in Pasadena [Michelle + Friends!].

Love you all, Thank you all for your support. This whole community would honestly not exist without you.

Hope to see you all soon, in person or on the internet.

XOXO, Michelle


You can read the official Press Release here.

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