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Recently, we held a “Season of Wellness” campaign on our Instagram channel, @prettyinpasadena, where we explored all of the many different types of wellness that Pasadena has to offer. Like so many of our audience, we are busy women. We have husbands, jobs, friends, volunteer in the community, and much more! (shout out to our incredible friends and readers who do it all PLUS kids, and make it look so easy! You are amazing!) As women especially, we know that, being so busy taking care of everyone else around us, we often put ourselves and our own wellness last. Wellness can mean a lot of different things- from health and fitness, to eating well, to taking time for yourself.

Lucky for us, Pasadena is full of amazing and effective places and methods to get you to your goals.

le reve


Prior to the holiday season we tried a new treatment called Sculpsure at Le Reve , a fabulous Med Spa in Pasadena. This non invasive procedure was a great treatment that had results that eliminate fat cells!  Neither of us had ever had anything like this done before, but we were excited to try it! When we arrived at Le Reve, the staff was so welcoming and accommodating to us. After we checked in, we were led into a private consultation room, which definitely had more of a spa feeling to it and was very relaxing. We met our technician and together, we discussed our goals, and had any questions answered about our treatment.

The SculpSure website says that SculpSure is a “Non-invasive laser body contouring that helps you achieve a natural looking, slimmer appearance with no surgery, no downtime, just results.” After each taking a before photo, Our technician attached a belt to our treatment area. Michelle went first, and hopped onto the treatment bed, while Mackenzie, and the technician stayed in the room. The doctor also came in to check on things throughout the treatment. After 25 minutes, the treatment was done and we switched! You certainly could do this treatment alone, but we had so much fun doing it together, so that you can talk and laugh. The time flew by because we were all talking and laughing together, and Le Reve is such a relaxing environment!

According to the SculpSure website, “When the treatment starts, initially you will feel a cooling sensation. This helps keep the skin comfortable during treatment. The cooling will be on the entire treatment, while the laser cycles on and off, raising the temperature of the fat cells. Most patients feel a deep warmth and/ or tingling sensation intermittently through the treatment which is generally well- tolerated.” We loved the fact that there was absolutely no downtime after the treatment. We were so inspired and excited about our wellness journey, and this extra push, that we both worked out immediately after!

Speaking of an extra push, that really is what SculpSure is all about. It is an incredible, effective procedure that does a wonderful job of complimenting your fitness and health routine. The effectiveness of SculpSure, and your results really depend on what you do when you leave the treatment room. Getting SculpSure treatments at Le Reve really motivated us to eat well, and to commit to our workouts. We tried several different types all over town! The staff at Le Reve is so wonderful and supportive as well, and is there for you if you have any follow up questions at all.

We did two sessions of SculpSure. Several weeks after our first treatment, we came back to finish up, and several weeks after that, we were back in for our reveal! Paired with a healthy diet and exercise, SculpSure was an amazing tool to really help us look and feel our best. We recommend this treatment to any and everyone who is ready for a fresh start in the New Year!

Le Reve Med Spa of course offers SculpSure, but they also have many other beauty treatments and procedures for you to choose from. Whatever your needs are, Le Reve and their team of technicians and doctors are there to reveal the best you possible. We are looking forward to trying some other new treatments in the New Year with Le Reve, and sharing our results with you. Be sure to let us know what you would like to see us try! If you are curious about any of the treatments Le Reve offers, reach out to their helpful and friendly staff!

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Thank you Le Reve for having us!



before and after



Le Reve Med Spa | (626) 564-9025 | 150 N. Hill Ave Pasadena CA 91106

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