Weekend Brunch at Foothill Co.

It’s no secret- we love brunch! One may even consider adding “brunch” to a list of our hobbies. If we were writing our yearbooks today, would one of our extra curriculars be Brunch? Would we win “most likely to be at Brunch?” We’re not saying that we wouldn’t. It seems, in recent years, that brunch has become more of an experience than just another name for a meal. The perfect combination between breakfast and lunch (and a meal where a few drinks possibly in the late morning or early afternoon is completely acceptable) Brunch has become a way to socialize as well as savor and celebrate the weekend.

Now, everyone knows that one of the most important steps in choosing your Brunch spot is location location location. The ambiance of wherever you choose will greatly affect your brunch experience. Is it Sunday Football season? Are you at a Sports Bar Brunch? Maybe that’s not the time to invite Grandma to join. A quiet, white tablecloth, reservations only Brunch? Maybe that’s not the spot for you and all of your friends and all of their screaming adorable toddlers.

Foothill Co. however, is the perfect place for ANYONE and everyone. We were so excited to check it out on a recent sunny Sunday morning. We brought our husbands along for the fun. From the outside, Foothill Co. already looks charming. The crisp white exterior with dark metal accents and simple greenery has tons of windows for natural light to shine through. After a few photos outside (#picsoritdidnthappen) we headed inside. We were immediately greeted by a friendly hostess who welcomed us and wished us a happy weekend. As we were led to our table, we noticed all the light coming through those windows! It gave the restaurant such a bright and sunny feeling, that we were instantly comfortable. The interior of the restaurant is everything you would want in a trendy, yet approachable restaurant. Fresh white walls and grey shiplap. Big comfy wooden booths with pretty striped pillows. and a fully stocked bar, complete with local and craft beers on tap, wines, liquors, and plenty of signature cocktails.

Allow us to backtrack for a moment. Did we mention the music? We’re not talking someone’s brunch playlist put on shuffle and streamed through the speakers from the back office type of music. We’re talking a LIVE DJ. At Brunch! DJ Frazier Davies. She was so cool, and having her amazing live music really added an extra touch to the whole experience. It really got everyone in the mood for good food and fun!

Speaking of food… Foothill Co. has an amazing menu. We were glad that we brought our husbands so that we could try more things on the menu spend time with them. KIDDING! 😉

We started the way all good brunches should start- with cocktails! Foothill Co. has a great cocktail list! They have a bottomless mimosa option for only $15 dollars, which is always a great way to go, but we decided to try some of their signature cocktails! Of course, we had to taste the Rose Bowl, which has pisco, gin, rose syrup, strawberry, egg whites, citrus, and peach bitters. It was delicious! Brunch isn’t brunch without a Bloody Mary, and it was also absolutely perfect!

Next, it was time for some food! A good brunch menu should have breakfast and lunch type of items, and Foothill Co. hits the mark with their offerings. The four of us decided to get four items, and share between us so that we could each have a few bites. We highly recommend doing this with friends, because everything is so good, you are sure to have order remorse when you realize that you also want what every single person at the table has. We had the Foothill Burrito, Short Rib Hash, Chicken and Waffles, and Crab Cake Benedict. We would love to tell you our favorite of all of them, but it is perfectly impossible. The Burrito was full of pork chorizo, scrambled eggs, and a garlic aioli sauce. The Chicken and Waffles had tender, juicy chicken, and fluffy waffles with delicious syrup. The Crab Cake Benedict truly tested our friendship, as it was too good to share, but for the good of the experience, we decided to let everyone have bite. Don’t miss the Short Rib Hash, either. Flavorful and tender short ribs over roasted potatoes, and topped with an egg. Everything you need for a perfect brunch!

Foothill Co. is a great place for a small group, or a large one! If you do happen to have a big group, and are really feeling like celebrating, you have to try their Foothill Fever Disco Ball. It’s listed under cocktails, but it’s really more of an experience! We hung out at the bar, and watched one of their talented bartenders mix one up for a big table near us! It includes Vodka, Falernum, Coconut Water, Muddled Mint, Thai Basil and Lime and it comes in a giant Disco Ball with tons of straws! It serves 8 people, and it would be a perfect way to really celebrate a special occasion (or just that its the weekend- we won’t judge!)

Foothill Co. is a wonderful addition to Pasadena. When we were there for Sunday Brunch, we saw couples on a date, groups of friends celebrating, grandparents with their grandchildren, big families, and more. It’s really a perfect place for any and everyone, and it feels totally welcoming to all. If you are looking for a great meal, a great cocktail, and a great experience, check out Foothill Co.


M & M

Visit Foothill Pasadena!

2835 E. Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107


Instagram: @foothill.co

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