Pedal and Punch with Classic Bicicletta

We recently partnered up with local fitness studio Classic Bicicletta for a very special Pedal and Punch Class, just for friends and followers of Pretty in Pasadena!

What is Pedal and Punch, you ask? It’s Classic Bicicletta’s signature class- a fast paced, heart pumping HIIT class that combines both cycling and boxing for a full body workout that can burn anywhere from 450- 800 calories! Our guests arrived for class, and the friendly Classic Bicicletta Team wrapped all of our wrists and hands for the boxing portion of the class, and gave us boxing gloves to borrow! Then we headed into the cycling studio and met our instructor Jazz (@jazzgrant) who walked us through the class, and helped us get our bikes to just the right height for each of us. Soon, we were off! She led us through an energizing and challenging spin class where we sat, stood, and sprinted all our bikes!

It was a great workout in itself- but we weren’t done! Next came the boxing portion of Pedal and Punch. We put our boxing gloves on and Jazz showed us all kinds of moves and choreography. We worked with punching bags, did punches in the air, and more all while under the watchful eye of Jazz, who would make sure everyone’s form was correct! We finished the class off with some ab work and a well deserved stretch sequence.

After class was finished, we all returned to the spin studio room, where we were treated to a pop up shopping experience from our friends at Pasadena @athleta! They brought all kinds of adorable retail and goodies, including gift bags. Two people from the class even won gift cards to spend on some of Athleta’s items! As we said our goodbyes and thanked our friends for attending this very special class, we handed them the perfect parting gift- courtesy of @lather: Muscle Ease Gel! (Much needed after our awesome class!)

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did! Be sure to check out Pedal and Punch at Classic Bicicletta for yourself soon!


Thank you to Classic Bicicletta, Jazz Grant, Lather Pasadena and Athleta Pasadena!


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