California Creativity with ArtCenter College of Design

In late August, Pretty in Pasadena was invited to attend ArtCenter College of Design’s Summer 2018 Graduating Class Show. Held for the first time at Pasadena Convention Center, it was the perfect opportunity to meet the graduates, and see the ideas, concepts, and projects created by this next generation of artists and designers.

We arrived at the Convention Center on a Saturday Afternoon. There were two showings of the projects: one held earlier in the week, and another which was open and free to the public. We attended the second one. Upon walking in, we were greeted with some programs that did a great job of explaining what we were about to experience, as well as more about ArtCenter. The modern and open space of the Convention Center was the perfect space for this event, and we were especially excited because this was the first time the event was held there!

The space was broken up into smaller “galleries” if you will, where each different type of major was presented. Sometimes, when you think of Art, you think of painting, photography, sculpture and the likes. But the work and ideas that the graduates of ArtCenter are creating are that, and SO much more! We were so intrigued to learn more about the many different types of art and lines of work that these students are creating and going into. Each gallery held something new and exciting within it’s walls. From soft goods, wearables, models of futuristic mobility, photography, futuristic furniture, apps, recyclable toys and so much more!

The graduating students work was on display, as their graduating project, and it was so neat to not only experience each of them, but to also interact with the new graduates. You could tell the excitement levels of each of them was through the roof, as they celebrated with fellow students, friends and family, and well as interacted with the public as we enjoyed their projects. We loved that many of them also had their resume’s available, and it was impressive to see the work, experience and awards that so many of them already had!

We were privileged to chat with some of the graduates, and learn more about their visions, passion, and plans for the future. One of these students was Valedictorian and Product Design Graduate, Charlie Neshyba Hodges. He had an entire display of incredible and creative concepts for toys and more that combine education, and creativity with sustainability and careful consideration of products used in toys and what happens to them when they are no longer needed or played with. Check out this video that explains more about his experience with Launch Lab, and the exciting project he is working on here.

There were so many prototypes of items that we wished we could have bought right then and there! From dining tables that encourage conversation, to mirrors that analyze each person’s unique skincare needs, to bicycles that grow with your child, handmade custom wedding cake toppers, and SO much more! We spent several hours exploring these worlds that ArtCenter students have created, and we left feeling inspired, and so excited about what the future holds for these extremely bright graduates coming right out of Pasadena, and what their creativity and design means for our world as well.

For more information on ArtCenter College of Design, how to get involved, and where to find out more about their graduates and programs, visit them online at, and follow them on social media: @artcenteredu

Thank you ArtCenter for having us!


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