Summer Wellness update / Ab challenge!

Hi Friends!

Can you believe it’s August already? We certainly can’t! Summer is one of those seasons that seem to drag on (hello, miserably hot days) and fly by (hello, everything fun about summer) at the same time! We have both been busy all summer traveling, working, and keeping busy in Pasadena of course! At the beginning of the summer, we announced that we would be embarking on a season of wellness- meaning that we would be searching for wellness in all kinds of places around town! We have enjoyed incredible Pilates classes at Pure Pilates Pasadena, located at the Langham Huntington Hotel. We are loving the results from our SculpSure treatments at Le Reve Med Spa, and we have been making healthy meals, and have been practicing mental and emotional wellness too!

For the last month of summer, we are excited to announce a 30 day ab challenge! It’s going to be a great way to end the summer on a strong note, and to hold ourselves accountable to completing a fun challenge! With that being said, we would LOVE for you to join us! The challenge is simple to participate in: no special equipment needed… all you need is a floor and a phone (to snap a photo or video!) Each morning in the month of August, we will post to our Instagram and Facebook stories (@prettyinpasadena) and show you that day’s challenge, along with a video that day of each of us doing the challenge as well! All you have to do is post a photo or video of yourself doing that day’s challenge as well and tag us! If you miss a day, no worries! Just finish it the next day! Challenge yourself, challenge your friends, and lets end summer 2018 on a strong note!

At the end of the month, participants of our challenge will be invited to a very special surprise in Pasadena- details to come!

(Here is the list of the moves each day, if you need some inspiration check out our Instagram or Facebook stories, there you’ll see us powering through, or struggling through each day!)

Here’s a little sample:



15 Crunches

6 Leg Raises

10 Second Plank



20 Crunches

8 Leg Raises

15 Second Plank



25 Crunches

10 Leg Raises

20 Second Plank



30 Crunches

12 Leg Raises

25 Second Plank



35 Crunches

14 Leg Raises

30 Second Plank



40 Crunches

16 Leg Raises

35 Second Plank



45 Crunches

18 Leg Raises

40 Second Plank



50 Crunches

20 Leg Raises

45 Second Plank



55 Crunches

22 Leg Raises

50 Second Plank


DAY 10

60 Crunches

24 Leg Raises

55 Second Plank


DAY 11

65 Crunches

25 Leg Raises

60 Second Plank


DAY 12

70 Crunches

28 Leg Raises

65 Second Plank


DAY 13

75 Crunches

30 Leg Raises

70 Second Plank


DAY 14

80 Crunches

32 Leg Raises

75 Second Plank


DAY 15

85 Crunches

34 Leg Raises

80 Second Plank


DAY 16

90 Crunches

36 Leg Raises

85 Second Plank


DAY 17

95 Crunches

38 Leg Raises

90 Second Plank

DAY 18

100 Crunches

40 Leg Raises

95 Second Plank


DAY 19

105 Crunches

42 Leg Raises

100 Second Plank


DAY 20

110 Crunches

44 Leg Raises

105 Second Plank


DAY 21

115 Crunches

45 Leg Raises

110 Second Plank


DAY 22

120 Crunches

48 Leg Raises

115 Second Plank


DAY 23

125 Crunches

50 Leg Raises

120 Second Plank


DAY 24

130 Crunches

52 Leg Raises

125 Second Plank


DAY 25

135 Crunches

54 Leg Raises

130 Second Plank


DAY 26

140 Crunches

56 Leg Raises

135 Second Plank


DAY 27

145 Crunches

58 Leg Raises

140 Second Plank


DAY 28

150 Crunches

60 Leg Raises

145 Second Plank


DAY 29

155 Crunches

62 Leg Raises

150 Second Plank


DAY 30

120 Crunches

64 Leg Raises

155 Second Plank


Enjoy the last bit of summer, friends! XO, M&M


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