Intermission Conversations: Creative Local California food as an experience with Chef Kevin Malone

Welcome to Intermission Conversations with Pretty in Pasadena!

These are the in-between episodes where we take a minute to chat with someone who inspires us from our community and share it with you!

This Intermission Conversation is with Kevin Malone, Executive Chef at Crossings Restaurant.  

We talk to Kevin about where he’s from, his journey to becoming the Executive Chef at Crossings, his favorite LA street food, what it takes to create a menu, what he looks for at the Farmer’s Market in South Pas and in Santa Monica, things he wants people to know about the restaurant, what he wishes for diners, and more.

Chef Kevin

You can listen to Chef Kevin’s interview on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher!

To get in touch with everything happening at Crossings Restaurant, new menus and events:





Reach out and give them a ring for a reservation: 626-799-7001

Check out their Facebook Page.

View all the awesome pictures on Instagram.

Upcoming: Menu changes in early May!

May 17 LA Food Bowl – More info here. 

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